Business Loan Application

You want a business loan, but you are scared of the documentation required to apply for a business loan. At times, it fills that the bank or NBFC would ask for so much documentation, that [...]

100% Two Wheeler Financing Loan

When we started giving two-wheeler loan, we gave maximum of 80% of the vehicle cost as loan. We then moved to 90% of vehicle cost as loan, and now we can give 100% of vehicle [...]

Say Hello to LoanMeet

When you’re urgently in need of quick money and all that you do is scratch your head and couldn’t decide which bank would be most suitable then probably it’s time you stop thinking too much. [...]

Working Capital Loans for Small Businesses

Srikanth worked at a big MNC in Singapore, and he recently returned to India to pursue his dreams. He always wanted to work in Food Industry, so he opened a catering business that serves food [...]

Why Giving Loan is NOT Easy ?

Recently, Rohit, a registered borrower on LoanMeet platform, called us and told that his credit score is really bad. Right after the college, he took two credit cards and a personal loan, and then he [...]

How safe is my money in Peer to Peer Lending Platform ?

In India, the top 10 peer to peer lending sites are safe to lend. To know which platform is safe to lend, you must go to their website, and check about the founders of the [...]

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