Jab Rhea met Loanmeet at Juhu Beach

Four months back Rhea had started working for an Indian MNC in mumbai. Enthusiatic to start her corporate life as it was her first job, eyes filled with hundreds of dreams after completing her MBA [...]

SWOT Analysis of P2P lending in India

Ms Dhoni says in order to succeed one should know his limitations in terms of what he can deliver. We here at loanmeet feel the same. Hence we came up with a SWOT analysis after [...]

How alternate investment sources like Loanmeet are a better investment opportunity for salaried people

The outstanding personal loans aggregated to Rs. 2, 95,800 Cr in March 2016 in India. These are the official numbers. One can guess the amount of unofficial transactions (in terms of borrowing and lending) that [...]

Working Capital Loans

The traditional process of underwriting business loans is usually irrespective of the loan duration, and cash flows. A number of businesses do not qualify for loans due to this process, and we feel that underwriting [...]

I do not need a business loan

When we entered the business loan segment, we thought that most business would want to grow, and they would like to take a business loan to grow their revenues. During our market research in India, [...]

Need a Loan – Move out of PG

Most of us would be surprised to learn that your place of stay is a critical parameter on your loan application. If you are staying in PG, then you loan application would be declined. Why? [...]

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