Interview with a co founder on P2P lending

Name of the interviewee: Surender TN Gender: Male Annual income: Entrepreneur Age group:  31-40 years Designation: - Currently he is launching a new startup called Futurecash.in. Previously was a Founder at Griffin News app. and [...]

Interview with a co founder on P2P lending

Name of the interviewee: Nimish Jain Gender: Male Annual income: Undisclosed (Reason being he has been a founder for couple of startups) Age group:  25-30 Years Designation: - Founder and CEO at Chefensa (his previous [...]

P2P lending- Baby growing quickly

How many times it has been that you knock the door of a bank for a loan but to no success. Banks could drown you with the formalities and then, the high interest rates. Though [...]

When LOANMEET could have been of genuine help to Kabir


Avenues for financing cheaper than Banks

We here at Loanmeet are talking about how facilitating Working Capital Loans via peer to peer lending for small business in as little as 24 hours could revolutionize the funding market through the online platform. [...]

How Mikesh and Loanmeet became permanent roomamtes

Mikesh bhai naya ghar naye kapde nayi job naya furniture! Badhiya hai This is what mikesh’s story is. Mikesh had just completed his engineering in April and was moving to Hyderabad to join one of [...]

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