7 Reasons why P2P lending is the next big thing for Bangalore

Development in Bangalore in the past one decade has been phenomenal. Bengaluru today and Bengaluru if we look back 10 years from now were totally different. It is one of the biggest metro cities today [...]

Phenomenon of Working Capital Loans and P2P lending

For a layman understanding working capital might not be that easy. Working capital according to the accounting definition is Current assets minus the current liabilities. By current assets it is meant that the assets that [...]

LoanMeet Trip to Y Combinator

In September, 2016, Ritesh, CTO and co-founder of LoanMeet, decided to apply for Y Combinator, the best incubator in the world and it provides $120 K for 7% equity in the company. Y Combinator liked [...]

P2P lending a fulcrum in the second hand two wheeler market

India’s two wheeler market is considered one of the biggest in the world and this has kind of doubled in last half a decade due to the new models that have been launched. If facts [...]

Business Loans in Bangalore

Like most cities in India, most bangaloreans are proud of their culture and heritage. They are religious, and they are open to new people and culture. Even if they do not know Hindi, they try [...]

Loanmeet interviews a manager

Name of the interviewee: Sumit Jangra Gender: Male Annual income: More than 10 lacs Age group:  31-40 years Primary Source of income: Salaried – Private Organization Designation: - Senior Manager and Delivery at Tally Education [...]

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