In 2001, I called a real estate broker to find a house in Pune, and he happened to have a very good knowledge of the local real estate. In India, most brokers are not professionals, and it is their second or third job, apart from their regular jobs. However, my broker just completed his MBA from a top college in Pune, and he decided to pursue real estate broker career, after he realized that he could make good money in real estate and he does not have to pay taxes on his income. Like him, there are number of individuals who do not taxes on their income, and they are unable to get personal loans from bank and NBFCs.

At LoanMeet, we take a different approach to analyze credit worthiness of self-employed individuals who have not filed taxes. The social profile and banking profile of these individuals tell us more about their income and expenses. Using these data points, we can give personal loans to these individuals, and we have done that as well. Recently, we approved personal loan of an individual who started his small business two years ago. For a variety of reasons, he has yet filed his tax returns. We approved his loan application, and he got the funds within 3 days.


Below are the steps to get personal loan:

  1. Open your web browser on your laptop or mobile phone
  2. Enter
  3. Click Get A Loan at the top
  4. Fill your basic details and select “Personal Loan” as loan type
  5. Upload your documents, and complete the loan application


Your personal loan application would be approved in 24 hours, and the funds would be transferred in your bank account in 3-5 days. With LoanMeet in your side, you do not need to wait for your dreams or your immediate needs. We can be reached at or 7259355400 for any questions.