Four months back Rhea had started working for an Indian MNC in mumbai. Enthusiatic to start her corporate life as it was her first job, eyes filled with hundreds of dreams after completing her MBA she was raring to go. “Mumbai is city of dreams”, she commented. “I always wanted to come to mumbai. Mumbai ki hawa mein hi energy hai”. Mumbai’s air has some energy some escatsy she said. So many opportunitues, people are so progressive. Things are moving so fast here. Mumbai is awake 24 hours. She smiled while saying the last line- Mumbai has a night life too. “I being from a very small town had never seen such big buildings and towers but had only dreamt of being a part of this life someday. I had never seen women working so hard and being so particular about their work. It gives me so much inspiration. Surprisingly the company I work for has a higher ratio of women to men. Infact if you go up the hirearchy you will see all women as managers, senior managers and directors. This is so motivating. I always wanted to learn and grow in life”. Apart from that when asked what was her passion or what was her full time hobby. She smiled and said Travelling. I want to travel, explore new cities, and make a lot of friends. I don’t want a life that is monotnous. I want an adventurus life. I am an independent girl and want to live that way all my life. I feel very happy that I am financially independent today and don’t have to ask money from my father or tell him why I need so much money. My father has paid for me all my life for all my basic aminities and my education. I want to earn, save some and gift a lot of things to friends and family”. Father has done a lot for me and mother. Probably it’s my time to payback. I want to settle in one of the big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai with my parents eventually at a later stage of my life.

So what brings her here to loanmeet? All seems good and happening for her.

“All was good, before I went to Juhu couple of weeks back on a Sunday evening with my office colleagues. We had a great time at the beach. Clicking pictures, getting 2 minute print of photos at the beach, eating pav bhaji. I had worked that entire day at my office as I did not want my work to spill over the next week. So my friends picked me from the office as I was almost done with my work. To my bad I was carrying a laptop in my bag to the beach. After two and half hours of fun as it was my first time to a beach we ate pav bhaji at a stall and booked an OLA to leave. From Juhu beach the best landmark is Amitabh Bachan’s house Jalsa so we asked the driver that we will board the cab from the iconic figure’s home. All was going fine, we were clicking pictures in front of his house when I realized that I could not feel any weight on my shoulders. To my horror it was then that I felt I had forgotten my bag at the Pav Bhaji stall. All five of us rushed back to the stall. My company has a very strict compliance policy. Leaving a laptop somewhere was equivalent to getting fired from the job. I can still remember crying when I was running back to the stall thinking what I would be telling my manager. I was pretty sure I will not find my laptop and neither will my company accept as to what I had done. I did not find my laptop for obvious reasons. But my company did show a bit of leniency on me though I had a tough time with my seniors when I reported that I had lost my company laptop. God forbid, I hope no one has to listen to anything of that sort ever in his life. But thankfully I was left with a compliance warning. But yes I had to pay 1 lakh rupees as a penalty to the company for losing my laptop. Though my month and a half salary would be more than enough to pay plus I had the joining bonus. But who saves for the first couple of months? I was spending lavishly as I have a bit of hedonic in me. I had sent my joining bonus to my father and it would have been the saddest thing for me to ask for the amount. I never wanted to do that.

My friends told me about personal loan. Take a personal loan pay the penalty and then repay your loan with your next few salaries. I approached my bank for a personal loan and they said it would take around 7-10 days and I did not know that the interest for personal loans could be as high as 18%. My next best option was borrowing from a colleague. But that doesn’t look good. Who at my age or beyond borrows from someone? It looks so awkward to ask for money even if it is for a genuine reason. People might not deny you the money but what I personally feel is never ask for such a huge amount from someone. God knows what obligations and responsibilities your friend has so he might not be in the best position to lend you. What if he or she says no? How bad would that look? If someone says no it becomes so embarrassing. You can’t look in that person’s eyes for your entire life then. That was when my mentor called me to the cafeteria and asked how and when I was planning to pay back to the company. He advised me (as everyone had been post losing my laptop) to be a bit careful the next time as the company wasn’t that harsh the way it could have been. He suggested me to approach a P2P lending platform for funds as he understood I might not be in a position to pay a huge amount of 1 lakh in one go. I had never heard of P2P lending before that. He gave a 5 minute elevator pitch as to how he had approached a P2P startup few months back for funds and how convenient it was. Lesser interest rates than personal loans, no hassle, less days for loan sanctioning compared to a bank. The concept looked interesting I googled going back home that night and the first name that popped up in the list was Loanmeet. Registered. Next day they called. In two days I had the money. Paid my penalty. Repaid my loan in three months. Life was simple again and I am enjoying every bit of my adventure with a bit of “stealth mode” post losing my laptop. Thank you loanmeet.