The retail supply chain management in our country, India, is complex, and there are multiple moving pieces. During demonetization, the traditional money lenders could not provide credit to few segments of supply chain, and the whole supply chain came to halt. The credit plays a pivotal role in the retail supply chain, and financing to distributors is know as “Channel Financing”. The banks and NBFCs usually ask for collateral for channel financing, and we at LOANMEET can provide channel financing without collateral to all distributors.


When a company launches a new product, the manufacturer gives credit to the national distributor, and the national distributor gives credit to state level distributor. The state level distributor gives credit to city based distributors, and city based distributors give credit to retailers. If the goods could not be sold by retailer, then the goods are returned to manufacturer through the same supply chain. Since credit plays a huge role in supply chain, the distributors rely on credit from bank, NBFCs, rich individuals, and traditional money lenders.


At LOANMEET ( ), we approve/decline cases based on four set of documents – PAN Card, Aadhar Card, 12-months of bank statements, and last year ITR. Unlike banks and NBFCs, we do not need auditor report, last three years of ITR, and other set of documents. We approve loan applications for Channel financing in 48 Hrs, and you would get funds in your bank account in 24 Hours after you sign the loan agreement. For more details, please reach us at 91-7259355400, or email us to


You do not need to be a rich person to add more brands to your distribution, and we at LOANMEET would help you grow and increase profits. The Channel financing at LOANMEET can be done either of the two ways – Working Capital for 3-6-9 months, or a 30-day loan. The interest rates on these loans would be anywhere from 1.5% to 2.0%. We hope to serve you, and help you increase your revenues and profits.