Like most cities in India, most bangaloreans are proud of their culture and heritage. They are religious, and they are open to new people and culture. Even if they do not know Hindi, they try to help North Indians in the best possible way. Few days ago, I was walking on the street with my laptop bag. A gentleman with bike came behind me, and offered me the ride to my office. He did not know Hindi, and I did not know Kannada. Still, we were able to talk for few minutes, and he dropped me near my office. Most banks and NBFCs want to give personal loans to IT employees of Bangalore, and business loans to small businesses of Bangalore. Even angel investors want to fund Bangalore based startups, and they are bullish on startups based out of Bangalore.

Despite best efforts of Banks and NBFCs, most small businesses do not qualify for loans. At LoanMeet, we are able to calculate and predict cashflows, and we have provided business loans to multiple small businesses. At this stage, we cannot fund businesses that deal in cash only. If your cash inflows are present in bank statements, ITR, or Invoices, then we can provide you a working capital loan.


Below are the steps to get a business loan:

  • Open your web browser on your laptop or mobile phone
  • Enter
  • Click Get A Loan at the top
  • Fill your basic details and select “Business” as loan type

Upload your documents, and complete the loan application

We would communicate your loan application status in 24 hours, and you would get funds in 3-5 days. We believe that peer to peer lending works great for business owners, and we are fast.