You want a business loan, but you are scared of the documentation required to apply for a business loan. At times, it fills that the bank or NBFC would ask for so much documentation, that you would give up, and not take a loan. We at LoanMeet understand that, and we are here to get you a small loan without much documents. You just need to submit 12-months of bank statements, PAN Card, and local and permanent address proof. Even if you have not filed ITR, you could still get a loan from LoanMeet ( ).

You might be wondering that this sounds good in theory, but the reality would be quite different. Well, we have given small loans to individuals who have not filed ITR, and just started a business. We are more interested in your cash flows indicated in your bank statements.

Below are the steps to get a vehicle l loan:

  • Open your web browser on your laptop or mobile phone
  • Enter
  • Click Get A Loan at the top
  • Fill your basic details and select “Business” as loan type

Upload your documents, and complete the loan application

We gave a business loan to an individual who had loss of Rs. 15 Lakhs last year. We also gave a personal loans to a self-employed individual who is a broker. Please do understand that we are not providing angel funding, and the loan decision is based on your projected, current, and past cash flows. We are confident of informing you of your loan status in 24 hours, and getting you the funds in 3-5 days. It sounds hard to believe, but it is true.