Development in Bangalore in the past one decade has been phenomenal. Bengaluru today and Bengaluru if we look back 10 years from now were totally different. It is one of the biggest metro cities today with people residing from all walks of life. People love the city, though not everyone is born and brought up in Bangalore but people come here to fulfill their dreams and eventually settle here with the city being very close to their heart. We here at LOANMEET started with the same agenda of starting up from Bangalore and out of the numerous reasons these were the 7 best that we came up with as to wy we choose Bangalore over other cities.


  1. The Startup Capital: –


The startup capital of India we would say. The sole reason why we started from Bangalore is the plethora of opportunities for the startups. And for us as well! We want to be the one who manage funds for every individual. Bengaluru would be the best place to start where every other startup requires funding today.

2) Not one person from the world that you will not find here: –


Bangalore is the hub of IT with most of the companies having their headquarters setup here. The city is full of people from all different cultures and zones, Y-Gen = C.O.O.L.E.ST Crowd ever. So it is kind of obvious that people would require personal loans for basic amenities such as purchasing a two wheeler, buying an expensive phone or many other personal reasons.

3)  Networking is indispensable: –


We come to Bangalore, we join big firms, we work like hell, we take colleagues out for food, we dance, and we embrace the happiness to eternity and probably go home. We are not isolated, we make new identities, form relationships through different practices of interactions. P2P is one such interaction.

4) Financial Innovation: –


P2P lending is a financial innovation in itself with the P2P models widely accepted in the global markets which are in billion dollars today. This is the next big thing in India and Bangalore would be the best to try out this innovative product. Of course we have the first mover advantage with LOANMEET being one of the few companies who have adopted the P2P models and are helping people raise funds through this platform.

5)  Instant Success: –


Though success is never instant. But it can be in case of borrowing money through LOANMEET. Yes we take just 24 hours in helping someone raise funds. Hassle free, online documentation, lower interest rates. Yes P2P at LOANMEET is instant. We are like the instant unpredictable weather of Bangalore i.e. Sunny during the day, pleasantries in the evenings and clement at night. Same are the bangalorians, they are up whole night, love instant filter coffee and yes they want to reach places instantly which they are never able to (considering traffic is an issue).

6)  Bangalorians take health and wealth damm seriously:


Bangalorians have a slight inclination towards healthy and sustainable stuff. You will find a lot of organic joints that offer food, fruits, clothes and cosmetics. We know their way to healthy living. Similarly they are very particular about their investments. The maximum investor meets that happen today are in Bangalore. We are one more way to lend and earn a healthy rate of return. That is why people invest right? Come lend via P2P at LOANMEET and earn at rates as high as 20%.

7)  Match Making: –



Quikr began in Mumbai which helps Buyers meets sellers, Bharat Matrimony originated in Chennai which helps Bride meet a Bride Groom and we at LOANMEET launched in Bangalore which help a Borrower meet a lender. We all in some or the other way from different parts of the country associate different people altogether.