B2B Marketplace

The term B2B Marketplace simply refers to Business to Business Marketplace where a business purchases inventory from another business. The biggest B2B marketplace in the world is www.alibaba.com, and everyone B2B marketplace is trying to [...]

Dealer Financing

The term dealer financing can definitely confuse Indians and Americans, as dealer financing mean one thing in India and another in United States. In India, dealer financing is similar to channel financing – financing available [...]

My Shop does not need a Loan

For a variety of reasons, most credit worthy single shop retailers in India do not want to take a loan to grow his revenues and profits, whereas a not so good retailer is hungry for [...]

Channel Financing

The retail supply chain management in our country, India, is complex, and there are multiple moving pieces. During demonetization, the traditional money lenders could not provide credit to few segments of supply chain, and the [...]

Why most Shop Owners are Stuck ?

For variety of reasons, more than 90% of shops are unable to grow beyond one single shop location, whereas few shop owners are able to open multiple shops and grow their business annually by 20% [...]

Loans For Shops

Life is hard for shop owners in India, as they need to compete with multiple small shops, big box stores, and now with giant e-commerce companies. Most small shops have bare minimum capital to purchase [...]

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